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Benefits of Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage

Liquor liability insurance generally covers damages that result from things like fights, careless behavior or automobile accidents caused by individuals who have consumed alcohol.

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Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

Contractors, no matter what industry they work in, face environmental risks stemming from operations on a daily basis. For most contractors, a single pollution incident or loss can seriously damage their reputation, operations and even their balance sheet

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Hip Hop and Rap Event Insurance 101

Finding insurance for an event is hard enough, but if you're a promoter of hip hop and rap events, you probably know just how difficult it can be to find affordable coverage in California and on the west coast.

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OSHA's COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS

To reduce the danger of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published an emergency temporary standard (ETS). The ETS creates legally obligatory standards to safeguard unvaccinated employees of major employers (those with 100 or more employees) from contracting COVID-19 at work.

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Construction Risk Advisor July 2021

Check out this construction newsletter for the latest tips and advice on risks and exposures in the construction industry.

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Product Liability Insurance

If one of your products harms a customer or other stakeholder in any way, they can sue your business, leading to costly legal fees and settlements that can easily reach six figures. That’s why, to protect against claims and ensure the longevity of your business, you need product liability insurance. Read on to learn all about the real-life applications of this coverage.

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Indemnity Agreements and Additional Insured Endorsements

An indemnity agreement secured by an additional insured endorsement is a risk-transfer tool that can help insulate your business from potential risks. Learn more with this informative article.

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General Liability Insurance: Your Defense Against Liabilities

The only way to effectively protect the assets of your business is to carry adequate commercial general liability (CGL) insurance coverage. CGL protects your business from damages caused by bodily injury or property damage for which your business is found to be legally liable.

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