Making insurance work for you...

Metro brings you the expertise and resources of a nation-wide firm, with the service and responsibility of a neighborhood office. We're a passionate team of insurance aficionados, a micro-brewery that loves going toe-to-toe with the Budweisers of our industry. When you have a claim, we fight for you as if you were family, because that's how we treat our clients. For 20 years we've established ourselves as a one-stop shop for thousands of businesses.

Our Southern California roots date back to 1984. We've been building on a proven track-record of delivering solid coverages with an outstanding dedication to customer service. From self-starting entrepreneurs, to nation-wide franchises with hundreds of employees, we insure every kind of business imaginable. Our independent agency has one of the highest renewal percentages in the industry because we represent our client's interests first and foremost. We're providing more than just cheap quotes. We're forming relationships, reducing business exposures, and taking the time to help our clients understand the ins and outs of insurance.

It's no wonder thousands of Californians (and businesses across the US) have chosen Metro Insurance as their premier insurance broker. Get to know us and we think you'll appreciate our unique brand of doing business.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff

Our team of licensed CSRs and producers are ready to help you. We'll get your certificate fast, or help you understand your bill. We're here for you.

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Competitive, affordable quotes

Price, price, price. When it comes down to it, good rates are the mark of a killer broker. We have relationships with underwriters most don't.

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We excel where others fail

High x-mod? Declines left and right? Hard to classify business? Other brokers letting you down? We don't just take the low-hanging fruit.

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More Than Just a Commercial Insurance Broker

From compliance to communication, let us provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company. We understand the challenges today’s employers face, and we know you’re asked to take on more than ever before. Expect more from a broker—expect Metro's full spectrum of solutions.

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