Employers' Guide to Returning to Work With the COVID Vaccine

Metro wants everyone to get back to normal and today we're releasing our 52 page Covid Vaccination and Returning To Work HR toolkit. It contains tons of info and usable resources that you'll need to get your workplace back in action.

At a glance: You'll start with learning about the different return to work plans and considerations you'll need to make. Then you'll be introduced to the government guidance and guidelines published for businesses. You'll then decide between a mandatory or voluntary vaccination plan, and learn the laws and regulations for each one. You'll then be given step-by-step instructions on how to develop and implement a vaccination plan. You'll then read about vaccines and laws regarding them.  Lastly, you'll be provided with a plethora of templates, flyers, handouts and safety materials.

We're making this guide available to everyone, absolutely free. Metro insureds can download now by logging into your resource portal. If you are not a Metro insured, we'd love to give this resource to you - no obligation, no pressure. Just give us a call at 800-640-4430 or message us!

Table of Contents

Return-to-Work at a Glance
COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plans
Other Return-to-Work Considerations
COVID-19 Vaccine Overview
COVID-19 Vaccines and the Workplace
Government Guidance Related to COVID-19 Vaccines and Workplaces
   OSHA Perspective
   EEOC Perspective
Deciding Between a Mandatory or Voluntary Vaccination Policy
   General Employer Considerations
   The Case for Mandatory Workplace Vaccination
   The Case for Voluntary Workplace Vaccination
Developing a Workplace Vaccination Plan
   Step 1: Gauge the Situation
   Step 2: Make the Choice
   Step 3: Consider Incentives
   Step 4: Ensure Resources Are in Place
   Step 5: Communicate Everything to Employees
   Step 6: Implement the Plan
COVID-19 Vaccines and Workplace Laws
   Medical Examinations and Vaccine Administration
   Prescreening Vaccination Questions
   COVID-19 Vaccination Verification and Disability-related Inquiries
   Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and the COVID-19 Vaccine
   Employees with Disabilities Preventing Vaccination
   Sincere Religious Beliefs Preventing Vaccination
   No Reasonable Accommodation Available
   Genetic Information, Employment Decision-making and Vaccinations
Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Letter to Employees
Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Letter to Employees
COVID-19 Vaccination Employee Letter for Essential Workers
Employer Will Cover the Cost of COVID-19 Testing Letter
Welcome Back to Work - Employee Communications Letter
COVID-19 Symptom Screening Checklist
COVID-19 Vaccine Workplace Planning Checklist
Responding to a Positive COVID-19 Test Checklist
Return-to-Work Communications Planning Checklist
Workplace Reopening Decision Infographic
COVID-19 Vaccination: What to Expect Handout
Identifying Misinformation About COVID-19 Vaccines - Infographic
Three Ways to Avoid COVID-19 Vaccine Scams
Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines - Infographic
What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines - Infographic
COVID-19 Vaccine Myths - Infographic
Continuing the Journey of a COVID-19 Vaccine - Poster
How to Wear a Face Covering Poster