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Employers' Guide to Returning to Work With the COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are here, and employers can finally start planning for their immediate futures. Our 52-page toolkit explores the vaccines, workplace safeguards, company policies and more so that you can get back to work.

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Using Technology to Boost Workplace Safety

Advanced technology like virtual reality headsets, smartwatches and drones are readily available, so why not use them to protect your workforce? Employers can use these devices to access real-time data on their workplaces and automatically monitor important safety issues. Get in touch with us today to read our How Technology Can Boost Workplace Safety article, which outlines how these modern advancements can help protect your business.

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Eliminating indoor air pollution

Not everyone keeps their windows open regularly, and since air circulation is often limited, it’s easy for pollutants to build up and adversely affect your health. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that indoor pollutant levels are 100 times higher than outdoor levels. Keep your office air clean by following these safety tips!

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