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Liquor Liability Coverage: Essential for Your Next Hip Hop Special Event?

Liquor liability for hip hop events plays a pivotal role in the world of event planning, venue management, and businesses that serve or sell alcohol.

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Let's lock it down. October is Cybersecurity Month!

Here are 9 essential cybersecurity controls that organizations can implement to help manage their cyber exposures.

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Metro's California Summer Boost Camp 2023 is Coming!

Boost your business in just 5 weeks! These resources are the real deal, used by professional business consultants and Fortune 500 entrepreneurs, so don't miss out.

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5 Employment Policies to Review in 2023

Employee handbooks are essential tools for establishing employee expectations, addressing workplace issues, and defending against potential lawsuits. Failing to update your employee handbooks regularly can make you vulnerable to legal risks and liabilities, resulting in costly fines, penalties, and attorneys’ fees. Here are 5 hot-button issues your should review in 2023.

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2023 California Minimum Wage Laws

Effective this year are important laws regarding minimum wage, tipping, exceptions, penalties and more. This article will familiarize yourself with the basics of these changes.

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