Metro Solutions Business Owner's Packages (BOPs)

Your business is our passion. Let us get to know you and find a better insurance solution!
Our strength lies in the relationship with our clients. No matter how big or small your business, we take the time to understand who you are, what needs you have, and how we can help you grow. Let us prove why we're the best at offering solid coverages at seemingly unbeatable rates. Our philosophy is simple - if you're not a client, you're treated like one. That's because we want you to call Metro first when you have questions about insurance for your business.

What is a Business Owner's Policy and why do I need it?

A BOP is a package of insurance intended to protect the assets of your business from a wide array of misfortune. It is most commonly offered and purchased by small and medium sized business who wish to protect themselves from a spectrum of different exposures. Each carrier offers different coverages and limits, however, the two biggest ones that BOPs are know for is General Liability (covers your from a lawsuit arising from your claimed negligence) and Property (business personal property such as computers and office equipment.) From losing your inventory in a fire, to being sued by someone who slipped and fell on your property, BOPs are an affordable, invaluable investment every business needs.

Am I eligable for a BOP and how much will it cost?

BOPs are designed for "Main St., USA" type businesses such as resteraunts, florists, salons, laundromats, retail stores, etc. A business owner's annual policy can start at $500 for liability and property or as low as $350 for liability only.

So... Why Choose Metro Insurance?

Just like in your industry, there are some people who are good at what we do, and there are some who are not so good.
Metro Insurance has been in business for nearly three decades, servicing thousands of businesses just like yours. Some of our clients have even been with us since the beginning. We know we're doing something right. Our family-owned business has distinguished itself by building long-lasting, effective relationships with our clients

Fast Certificates - Metro's team of insurance professionals will be standing by to process your request swiftly and correctly. We record certificates using the latest technology available, ensuring unrivaled speed and accuracy. We even offer online certificates requests, 24/7, without sacrificing the personal touch and finesse our company has built it's reputation on.

Working for you - We are an independent broker which means we work for you, and only you. We offer a vast and powerful range of top-rated carriers that can be custom tailored with your best interests in mind. We have access to many exclusive programs others just don't have, and we can prove we have a solution that's right for you.

Our success has stemmed from servicing California's entrepreneurial spirit. Metro Insurance is a company that has been modeled to meet the needs of businesses just like yours. We take pride in offering the same products our national competitors provide, but with personalized, long-minded and effective relationships


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