How To Make a Payment

Because making a payment depends on who your carrier is and what the situation is, we've created this list of resources that should get you to the right place.

Metro's ePayPolicy System

Generally used for down payments, renewals and paying your broker fee. If you have been told by a CSR to make a make a payment directly to us, click here to be taken to our online payment system. If you have not been provided with a link to make a payment, you must fill in the payment amount and your personal contact information.

Imperial Finance Online Payment

If you have financed your premium, chances are you will need to pay through IPFS. Using this link you can create an account, Or log in and make a payment. If you have lost or misplaced your user ID click here. Your web access code can be found on all IPFS correspondances. Click here if you need help finding your web access code. You can also call in your payment using the phone number on your bill.

Other Carriers
If your policy is a direct bill policy, meaning you receive bills directly from the carrier, please refer to your invoices for proper payment instructions. You can also call us for help at 1-800-640-4430.

New Website Note:
Please check back here soon,
we plan on posting a list of all the major carrier's
payment phone numbers and links.