Metro Forms

Here you can find our most commonly used forms and applications. These are downloadable, PDF files. If you have any questions or immediate needs, we urge you to call us now at (800) 640-4430. If you have any problems using these files, be sure to read our Form FAQs for more information. Also, here is a glossary of insurance terms you may find useful.

Package (Liability & Property)
1.6MB - 6pgs - Download
A general use ACORD application for a wide range of businesses and insurance uses.
Simple BOP (Liability & Property)
75k - 1 pg - Download
A simple Business Owner's Policy (BOP) application for small businesses.

Simple Worker's Compensation
99k - 1pg - Download
A simple work comp application/worksheet.
Contractors Worker's Compensation
1.7MB - 3pgs - Download
A work comp application tailored for contractors.

Simple General Liability
101k - 1pg - Download
A simple general liability app for getting things started.
Commercial Auto
298k - 2 pgs - Download
An application for a commercial auto policy.

Contractors GL Supplemental
722k - 5pgs - Form - Download
A general liability supplemental questionaire for contractors.
Special Event Application
1.7MB - 3 pgs - Form - Download
An application for a wide range of special events (i.e. concerts, festivals, etc)

Simple Group Medical
315k - 1pg - Form - Download
A basic form for small businesses wanting to acquire a group medical quote.
Group Medical Worksheet
240k - 1pg - Form - Download
A spreadsheet style form for accomidating longer lists of employees.

892k - 1pg - Form - Download
Personal & Family Health Plan
230k - 1pg - Form - Download

584k - 1pg - Form - Download

Certificate Request Form
232k - 1pg - Download
Waiver of Subrogation Request
185k - 1pg - Form - Download

1. Can these PDF forms be filled out electronically?
Most of our forms have "interactive form elements" embedded for Acrobat. Click here to downoad Acrobat.

You can fill them out and print them with Acrobat Reader- no pencils or pens required.

2. Can I Save and/or Email these completed forms back to you?
Yes, but make sure you have a current version of Acrobat reader. Some older versions of the free Acrobat reader will not allow you to save form-field-enabled PDFs.

3. Where do I send my form?
You can always fax us at (714) 573-7202. Our mailing address and staff directory can be found here.

4. What if I am missing information?
A fully completed application is the best way to get a fast, accurate quote. If you are missing information, you may experience a delay as we gather the details needed.

5. What if I don't know what kind of limits I need?
Leave the limits blank on the application and discuss with your broker your risks and exposures. This will help you determine what limits you may need.

6. Do I have to fill out an application to get a quote?
There are several ways to obtain a quote, and a lot of factors that determine what information is needed. The type of business, the kind of coverage requested, and the requirements of the underwriters and agents are all factors that determine if a "hand-written" application is required. If you were directed to this page, chances are, someone 'up-stream' needs a completed form application.