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What is Worker's Compensation insurance and why do I need it?

Work Comp will provide medical benefits (as specified in the policy) to an employee who is injured on the job. Work comp is a required insurance coverage in almost every state. Other costs, such as the cost of retraining an injured employee for another position, may also be covered.

How does Work Comp work and what does it cost?

There are certain minimums that carriers charge depending on the scope of operations, and exposures involved. The bigger the risk, the bigger the gamble, the bigger the premium. Carriers will primarily calculate your premium based on your payroll, times the rate (per hundred dollars) of your employee's class code. In California, The WCIRB is the primary resource brokers will use to properly identify such class codes. After completing an application, Metro will submit your risk to numerous carriers for consideration. After reviewing and signing a proposal, the policy will be requested to be bound on the effective date desired, and if coverage is bound, your policy goes into effect.

A traditional payment method requires you to estimate your payroll for the coming 12 month policy period. You then pay your estimated monthly portion each month, until an audit (usually annual) is given and adjusments are made. If the audit reveals more than the estimated payroll, you would be charged more premium. If there was less payroll, you would be given a refund once the carrier minimums have been met. Some carriers may offer a "pay-as-you-go" option in which there is typically no down payment, and you report your payroll each pay period, paying the exact premium due for each month via an "automatic" EFT.

What are important things to know about Work Comp policies?

State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) - This government-operated work comp "carrier" picks up where other carriers cannot compete. If your business is a difficult-to-place risk, has had a lapse in coverage, is new in business, etc. State Fund may be your only option for obtaining a work comp policy.

Owners and officers- In most cases owners and officers of a company are not included on a work comp policy, and as such, this payroll should not be reported.

Group Health Insurance - Many work comp carriers certainly like to see medical insurance offered to thier employees to reduce the chance of fraudulent claims.

Carrier Ratings - Almost anybody who is going to require proof of coverage, like your customer or your landlord, will likely require an A-rated carrier. Metro insurance recommends, and in most cases exclusively sells, A-rated carriers by AM Best (the "Bible" of carrier ratings.)

Certificate only policy - Sometimes, a vendor or client of yours may ask you to carry a work comp policy even though you have no employees. These certificates, which start at $250, will set you up with a policy with no reported payroll. Thier main purpose is to be in place, in case you do unexpectedly and quickly need to hire someone in the middle of a job.

Experience Modification (xmod) - Just like your credit score, you and your broker should keep an eye on your experience modification rating. After three years of continuous work comp coverage, you might qualify for an x-mod which adjusts the manual premium of your worker's compensation policy, rewarding or penalizing you based on actual loss history. As your broker, Metro Insurance will strive to improve and monitor this number so that you can recieve the best rate possible.

So... Why Choose Metro Insurance?

Just like in your industry, there are some people who are good at what they do, and there are some who are not so good.
Metro Insurance has been in business for over three decades, servicing thousands of businesses just like yours. Some of our clients have even been with us since the beginning. We know we're doing something right. Our family-owned business has distinguished itself by building long-lasting, effective relationships with our clients

Fast Certificates - Metro's team of insurance professionals will be standing by to process your request immediately. We record certificates using the latest technology available, ensuring unrivaled speed and accuracy. We even offer online certificates requests, 24/7, without sacrificing the personal touch and finesse our company has built it's reputation on.

Working for you - We are an independant broker which means we work for you, and only you. We offer a vast and powerful range of top-rated carriers that can be custom tailored with your best interests in mind. Metro Insurance Services is even one of a few select brokers in California that offer group self-insurance programs. Let us prove we have a solution that's right for you.

Built for Business - Our success has stemmed from servicing California's entrepreneurial spirit. Metro Insurance is a company that has been modeled to meet the needs of businesses just like yours. We take pride in offering the same products our national competitors provide, but with personalized, long-minded and effective relationships


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