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We've been on the forefront of insuring technology companies for more than 25 years.
We understand the complexities and constant changes that are part of the software and IT industry and the resulting risks that are increasing every day. Our insurance solutions are unique for technology business risks and our forward-thinking solutions help manage risk effectively. From prepackaged software and game developers, to computer programming and data processing services, Metro has the carriers, knowledge and staff to set a new standard for brokers in the industry. Along with killer pricing and amazing customer service, we also provide a wealth of tools and resources that help your company save time and money. Fun fact: This website you're on was developed by our own broker, Nathan Smith, using dotnetcore (.net 5)!

Sitting in front of a computer all day can lead to cumulative injury. Having a problem employee could turn into lawsuit. Protecting sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands could be a problem. Not having good benefits could keep you from attracting quality talent. Let us get to know you and your operation and provide a proposal that addresses all these concerns and more.

Along with getting you the right insurance with better coverage and better rates, we also provide a full spectrum of risk management service and safety resources. Liability comes in many forms - general, premises, cyber, professional, etc - and a typical BOP or E&O policy might not address the specific risks your company faces. We know that technology presents unique risks - like privacy, advertising injury and data breach.

We have a wide arsenal of carriers that cover every kind of software, hardware and systems developer imaginable. Our knowledge of the industry means we know the right questions to ask to get you the risk coverage. And the special relationships we have with our underwriters means that we can place coverage with many carriers that other's can't. Find our why we're the best in the business.
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With the speed of development and ever-changing threat of security concerns, being on top of your game in the software and information technology industry is a consistent challenge. That’s why Metro is here to provide you with in-depth industry knowledge and customizable insurance solutions to protect your interests today and over the long-term.
Even though many companies now choose to run their servers off-site, <strong>property insurance</strong> is the first coverage to assess. How much is all your equipment worth and what would happen if one day all that equipment disappeared? <strong>Professional liability and errors and omissions</strong> is likely the foremost exposure to your business. A supplemental insurance application will help our underwriters understand the ins-and-outs of your business's daily operation and risk exposure. <strong>Work comp </strong>is required by the state for all your employees, and is generally very cheap since risk of injury is low. Click below to read our complete guide of recommended coverages for developers.
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