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Does your insurance need a quick trim or a complete makeover? Let Metro find the solution.
Providing service for your customers is what your business is all about. Your customers depend on your high quality standards. Your shop is the hub of your business. It's where you work with your customers, store your records and house the equipment that keeps your operations running smoothly. At Metro, we are focused on protecting your business. Our customized insurance program offers you coverages that address your unique needs - coverages that may not be available in other policies.

We offer insurance that can protect your from a spectrum of unexpected events. From fires and earthquakes, to employee dishonesty and professional liability- Metro offers the best service at seemingly unbeatable rates. Our program is custom tailored to all shapes and sizes of beauty shops - from Day Spas, to Salons and Tanning Salons, we have a package that's right for you. So fill out the form below now to get a fast, free, no-hassle quote.

What are Independant Opeators?
If your salon rents stations, chances are your neck is on the line in case of an accident. Adding your stylists as independant operators ensures that unforseen events caused by the negligence of those working in your salon are covered.

Working For You...
We are an independant broker which means we work for you, and only you. We offer a vast and powerful range of top-rated carriers that can be custom tailored with your best interests in mind. Metro Insurance Services is even one of a few select brokers in California that offer group self-insurance programs. Let us prove we have a solution that's right for you.

Our success has stemmed from servicing California's entrepreneurial spirit. Metro Insurance is a company that has been modeled to meet the needs of businesses just like yours.We take pride in offering the same products our national competitors provide, but with personalized, long-minded and effective relationships.


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