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What is General Liability and why do I need it?

General Liability is an insurance coverage intended to protect the assets of your business when you are being sued for your alleged neglience, or that of your workers, which results in bodily injury (not yours or your workers) or property damage (not yours or property you are directly working on). Practically every business should carry this coverage, as these days, even a small mishap can end in a huge lawsuit when taken to court. You will want to see if a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is available to you, which packages General Liability, business personal property, and several other coverages together. Keep in mind however, that BOPs may not be available for certain companies or those with larger risks. Every business is unique and has different exposures associated with it.

What are some examples of claims?

Every industry has different exposures, but of course a slip and fall is probably the most notorious kind of General Liability claim. In reality, probably the most frequent GL claims include those which stem from products and completed operations. In other words, you produced a product or completed work which later injured someone or something. Other claims might be from collateral damage - one of our insureds was working on a lighting fixture in a celebrities' home, when a chandelier fell onto an impressive dining room table.

How much does General Liability Cost?

There are certain minimums that carriers charge depending on the scope of operations, and exposures involved. The bigger the risk, the bigger the gamble, the bigger the premium. Carriers may calculate your premium based on one or all of these three main factors, or "meters"...
Cost per $1,000 of gross revenue
Cost per $1,000 of subcontracted work (for which you must get a certificate of your subs liability for equal and like lmits of your own naming you as an additional insured.)
Cost per $1,000 of field labor remuneration (anybody who is W2, 1099, or cash-paid day laborer worker)
(Another fourth meter may include the square footage of your operation.)
The carrier will give a quote based on those numbers, and at the end of the year, give a final audit.

What are important things to know about GL policies?

Insurance policies are like anything else - you get what you pay for. There are different qualities of carriers, policy forms, and even brokers. A million dollar limit might look great on the cover of your policy, but it's important to know what coverages and exclusions are specified in your policy, so you can make an informed decision. Determine what your risks are, and work with your broker to explore what coverages are best suited to your operation to ensure your policy fits. Here are some of the things you should know about General Liability policies...

Claims made vs Occurrence - In most instances you would prefer an occurrence policy which is a more traditional policy form. It doesn't matter when the work was performed, the coverage will respond to incidents arising during the coverage period - regardless of when those claims are reported. Be aware of any "prior work" exclusions. A claims made policy says the work must be performed during the policy period, the incident must occur during the policy period, and the claim must be filed during the policy period. On this type of policy, you should be aware of "tails" and "sunset provisions."

Exlcusions - Pay close attention to the exclusions in your policy. Painters may find an "Overspray" exlcusion, contractors building new structures may find "New Construction" exclusions, etc.

Carrier Ratings - Almost anybody who is going to require proof of coverage, like your customer or your landlord, will likely require an A-rated carrier by AM Best (the Bible of carrier ratings.) Metro insurance recommends, and in most cases exclusively sells, A-rated markets by AM Best.

Per project Aggregates - General contractors and other similar industries will want to learn about per-project aggregates. A $2 million annual aggregate may be enough to cover a claim, however, if there are two or more claims in one year - you might be left in the cold unless you purchase a per-project aggregate form.

So... Why Choose Metro Insurance?

Just like in your industry, there are some people who are good at what they do, and there are some who are not so good.
Metro Insurance has been in business for over three decades, servicing thousands of businesses just like yours. Some of our clients have even been with us since the beginning. We know we're doing something right. Our family-owned business has distinguished itself by building long-lasting, effective relationships with our clients

Fast Certificates - Metro's team of insurance professionals will be standing by to process your request immediately. We record certificates using the latest technology available, ensuring unrivaled speed and accuracy. We even offer online certificates requests, 24/7, without sacrificing the personal touch and finesse our company has built it's reputation on.

Working for you - We are an independant broker which means we work for you, and only you. We offer a vast and powerful range of top-rated carriers that can be custom tailored with your best interests in mind. Metro Insurance Services is even one of a few select brokers in California that offer group self-insurance programs. Let us prove we have a solution that's right for you.

Built for Business - Our success has stemmed from servicing California's entrepreneurial spirit. Metro Insurance is a company that has been modeled to meet the needs of businesses just like yours. We take pride in offering the same products our national competitors provide, but with personalized, long-minded and effective relationships.


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