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Life & Disability Insurance Facts

Nathan Smith Friday, February 5, 2010

Did you know 3 out of 10 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled for at least a year? The fact is, most American workers cannot afford to become disabled because almost two thirds of American families live paycheck to paycheck. If you're not prepared for an "unexpected vacation", a long-term disability, now is the time to discuss with Metro your income & disability insurance solution. A disabling injury happens every 2 seconds leaving an estimated 375,000 Americans disabled every year. The grim truth is that disability causes more mortgage foreclosers and backruptcies than all other reasons combined, including sudden unexpected deaths. The good news, however, is that disability insurance is one of the least expensive insurance coverages available to you and your employees.

Undoubtedly you have known someone who passed away that had little, or even worse, no life insurance. If you insure your car, your home, or your possessions, then does it not it make sense to adequately protect and provide for those closest to you? If you don't have a life insurance policy consider this - more than 112,000 deaths a year are caused by a sudden, unexpected accident. If you have no life insurance, or would like to recieve a check-up on your existing policy, please contact Metro today. Life insurance premiums can rise significantly and suddently for older Americans, so it's important to keep an eye on your life insurance, just as you do with your auto and home. If you or a loved one is approching 70 years old, it's of the upmost importance to monitor your policie's benefits and premium.

If you own a business we especially encourage you to contact us concerning affordable, "key-man" life insurance. This important coverage works like individual life insurance, except the business is the beneficiary in the case of an unexpected death. The payout can ensure the continued success of the business, keeping creditors at bay, finding a replacement, and even buying out the deceased's shares in the company.

Contemplating a death or disability is not an easy subject, but it's an important facet to protecting and building your financial security. If you have questions about protecting you and your families financial future, contact the professionals at Metro today for a free consultation.

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