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Does your business have an emergency plan?

Nathan Smith Friday, September 2, 2011

emergency action plan exit fireDoes your business have a plan for a disaster or emergency? Your reputation and safety could be at risk by not preparing for threats such as a fire, burglary, terrorist attack, or natural disaster. In fact, Cal/OSHA has recently been fining companies, big, for not having one. But it's not just Fortune 500 companies that need this in place.

"An oil refinery has some of the same, but also a much different set of threats when compared to a local grocery store a mile away," says Jim Wolbrinck, emergency preparedness specialist for the San Jose Water Company. "[B]oth may have to deal with the same earthquake fault, but the oil refinery has a much larger threat from terrorist activities, and the local grocery store is much more likely to have to deal with an armed robbery."

Having a plan isn't just important for protecting you, or even your employees, but the public as well. Putting the highest importance on human life is a priority when writing a good emergency plan. You have a lot to think about - turning off gas lines, finding a safe location outside to meet, alternate means of communication, emergency supplies and first aid, fire extinguishers, etc.

When and if disaster strikes, your business should be ready rise to the occasion, not take heat afterwards for not being prepared. At your next safety meeting, come prepared with your emergency action plan, train your employees, and find confidence in knowing that if something were to happen, your leadership kept people safe.

For more information, sign up for this Cal/OSHA webinar about writing your emergency action plan.

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