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Work Comp exposure in company iDevices?

Nathan Smith Friday, July 8, 2011

iPad iDevice work comp insurance claimAn interesting article in the Insurance Journal uncovers the exposure your company faces if your employee "slips and falls" while reading an email on his company iPad. The article says that " made by workers injured while doing things where the relation to thier employement is unclear are on the rise and the increasing use of mobile devices is challenging traditional notions of work-related injuries."

Experts estimate that over 30 million people will be working from home for an employer in 2012. That leaves a lot of people driving, walking, and conducting business while using company iDevices. It begs the question - what was the employee actually doing at the time of the injury?

It's 10:30am and your employee is on the road. He has his laptop open in the passenger seat, a company GPS device mounted on the windshield, and is wearing headphones plugged into his company iPhone. If he gets into an accident, and files a work comp claim, is the company liable? Or perhaps even partially liable? Where was he driving to? Who was he on the phone with? With younger employees the lines get even more blurred - was he on Facebook to post on a friend's wall, or obtain a phone number?

The article describes what employers and underwriters are doing about this new, uncharted territory. Writing guidelines as part of your company manual and making at-risk employees sign contracts that define iDevice use is a good start.

Click here to read the full article.

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