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Are you Sitting on a Timebomb?

Nathan Smith Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are you certain that those you do business with are properly insured to protect you in case of disaster?

If the negligence of one of your sub-contractors, vendors, distributors, suppliers, or independent representatives resulted in you being named in a lawsuit – are you certain that their policy would extend to protect/defend your business? Are their limits and coverages adequate and is their insurance carrier an actual reputable/recognized company?

Regrettably, a lot of folks out there only find out the answers to these questions after being named/dragged into a law suit. Of course, by then it’s generally too late - putting everything you've worked for in life at serious risk.

If you will request that your subs, vendors, distributors, suppliers and reps send us a Certificate of Insurance showing their current insurance with you as a “certificate holder”, we will be happy to review it at absolutely no charge. After doing so Metro will report back to you our findings, opinion and possible suggestions. It costs them and you nothing (except a few moments of your time), but could possibly save you dearly – especially in the event of a claim or by avoiding additional earned premium on a final audit of your policy.

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